2coms consulting pvt ltd is real or fake? Reviews

2coms consulting pvt ltd is real or fake?

2coms consulting pvt ltd is real or fake? Reviews

2coms consulting pvt ltd is real or fake? Reviews
2coms consulting pvt ltd is real or fake? Reviews

Unveiling the Legitimacy of 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd: A Comprehensive Analysis of Reviews and Operations


Spread out in 2004, 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd positions itself as a prominent HR consultancy and enlistment association arranged in India. With headquarters in Kolkata, the association pronounces to offer comprehensive enlistment and staffing deals with associations from one side of the country to the next. In any case, as the adage goes, “Not all that shines is gold.” This article plunges into the mixed reviews enveloping 2COMS, examining stresses over its legitimacy, straightforwardness, and moral practices.

The Association’s Profile:

2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd gloats an alternate arrive at organizations, including contract utilizing, very solid positions, planning and improvement ventures, and grounds selecting drives. Managing different branch working environments in critical metropolitan networks across India, the association intends to deal with the human resource needs of associations across different endeavors. Despite its outward accomplishment, questions have arisen with respect to the validness of 2COMS’ operations.

Mixed Web based Reviews:

Taking a gander at in excess of 150 reviews from delegates and clients on stages like Glassdoor, Without a doubt, and CompanyReviews, a dazing picture emerges. Positive reviews highlight learning important entryways yet need unequivocal nuances, looking like exhibiting content. Then again, negative reviews reveal stresses over fake work postings, unsuitable work space culture, and lamentable organization practices. Reports of candidate cheating, disregarded commitment, broken responsibilities, and expert solidness gives further make things unnecessarily muddled.

Interviews with Past Laborers:

Searching for more noteworthy clearness, three ex-laborers, chatting on haziness, revealed upsetting activities inside 2COMS. Enlistment targets seemed, by all accounts, to be prepared towards placing lacking candidates into occupations solely to assemble game plan charges. Instances of dishonestly given understanding and facilitating letters to assist with working searchers were represented. The shortfall of real HR processes, money related documentation, and an intense work culture were highlighted as prevalent issues.

Report Check Discloses Inconsistencies:

To unreservedly look at 2COMS, transparently accessible reports from the Help of Corporate Endeavors (MCA) were reviewed. Mistakes emerged, similar to assortments in the association’s date of joining and consistent changes in addresses across different metropolitan regions. Yearly filings were commonly past due or contained irregularities, and central financial documents were not straightforwardly open. The anomaly in association boss information further positioned eyebrows.

Is 2COMS a Veritable Selection Firm?

Considering the confirmation accumulated, including specialist analysis and chronicle checks, 2COMS appears to be tangled and ailing in real organization. Tricky enrolling procedures, unsubstantiated assets, and abberations in documentation further stain its standing. The shortage of reasonable proof to assist its case as India’s greatest enlisting with firming adds doubt.

Work Searchers Be cautious and Protect Yourself:

Taking into account these disclosures, work searchers are urged to rehearse alert. Key tips consolidate affirming association legitimacy, avoiding straightforward portions to selection workplaces, researching business arrangements, and cross-really investigating record validness. Investigating association culture, figuring out reviews, and assessing financial prosperity can uphold making informed work decisions.


Considering comprehensive investigation, 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd faces great vulnerability concerning the legitimacy, straightforwardness, and ethics of its operations. Both work searchers and associations are asked to uninhibitedly check states and consider decisions until straightforwardness standards are met. Staying informed and rehearsing a healthy amount of exertion are fundamental in investigating the weaknesses enveloping such firms and protecting long stretch employment interests.

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