Youka restaurant: Youka in Wan Chai japanese Review

Youka restaurant

Youka restaurant: Youka in Wan Chai japanese Review



Youka restaurant: Youka in Wan Chai japanese Review
Youka restaurant: Youka in Wan Chai japanese Review

Youka, settled in the core of Wan Chai, offers a refreshing takeoff from the ordinary conventions related with Japanese dining. Rather than elaborate foundations, Youka radiates a relaxed and inviting climate. Regardless of the shortfall of windows, the restaurant’s interior figures out how to make a comfortable as opposed to claustrophobic environment. During our visit, we picked seats at the sushi bar, immersing ourselves in the masterfulness of Gourmet specialist Ito Katsuhiro, the culinary maestro behind most of the crude fish dishes.

The Climate:

Not at all like some Japanese dining recognizes that request a certain respectability, Youka urges supporters to unwind. The interior, while current, consistently weds customary Japanese components with a casual environment. The pared-down style supplements the improved on menu, facilitating a more straightforward choice cycle for diners seeking a credible culinary encounter.

The Menu:

Youka’s menu presents a different exhibit of dishes, encompassing sushi, sashimi, barbecued, stewed, and seared things, alongside rice and noodle choices. The effortlessness of the menu improves the dining experience, allowing supporters to zero in on the nature of each dish. Outstandingly missing are the overwhelming decisions that can torment broad menus, ensuring that every thing on the menu gets the consideration it merits.

Culinary Features:

One champion choice is the special sashimi set lunch, estimated at HK$298. This flawless offering brags a pristine determination crude fish, including toro, uni, hotate (scallop), and buri (mature yellowtail). Joined by a canapé, chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), miso soup, and new organic product, this set epitomizes Youka’s obligation to delivering a thorough and satisfying dining experience.

The barbecued bull tongue with pepper (HK$90) is a demonstration of Youka’s culinary ability. Presented with a bit of grainy mustard and finely shaved sweet white onion, the delicate cuts of succulent meat grandstand the culinary expert’s expertise in elevating even the least difficult dishes.

For fish fans, the barbecued saba (mackerel) with salt (HK$130) is a must-attempt. A significant filet of sweet, sodden fish with carefully fresh skin is supplemented by a hill of ground daikon, successfully balancing the dish’s extravagance.

The sautéed abalone with asparagus and margarine (HK$130) gives an outwardly appealing dish thick cuts of new abalone contrasting against the energetic green of the asparagus. This dish pleases the sense of taste as well as connects with the faculties through its show.

Exploring the dinner menu, we indulged in the minced chicken and tofu in a little pot (HK$95). This comforting blend of chicken meatballs and delicate bean curd in a very much prepared clear stock offers a warm and satisfying dining experience.


Youka in Wan Chai stands apart for its scrumptious offerings as well as for its obligation to providing a loose and unassuming climate. The melding of conventional Japanese culinary procedures with a cutting edge and congenial setting makes Youka a jewel in the lively culinary scene of Wan Chai. Whether you’re a carefully prepared devotee of Japanese cuisine or a rookie anxious to investigate, Youka guarantees a great excursion into the core of Japanese culinary straightforwardness.


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